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Memory is part of a larger project in which I investigate how so-called 'image testaments' can make a funeral more personal.

In the condolence room a photographic portrait of the deceased, divided in pieces, lies on the table. It's a memory. The memory is life-size and consists of enough sets to give all the bereaved the possibility to participate. As soon as the bereaved start participating in the memory, they will find out that the bottom of the cards show an illustration. Taken together, these illustrations give a beautiful impression of the deceased's life.

The bereaved who participate in the memory together, won't necessarily know each other very well. They do have a certain bond with the deceased in common. For instance, not everyone will know a certain nickname of the deceased. But the bereaved who does know this nickname, can share the story behind it with the rest of the group. That's how sharing memories of the deceased starts.

As the memory proceeds and more and more sets are found and taken out, slowly the portrait of the deceased disappears. The sets the bereaved collect can be taken home. They take, as it were, a memory of the deceased home. A memory set consists of two different cards, so attendants take two different aspects of a memory with them, aspects that clearly belong to each other.



Ellis van der Does is a Dutch illustrator and designer based in London.

Her style is clear, while using various techniques and popping colours. She often combines existing forms to create new stories.

Ellis works on commissioned and personal projects. Clients include: VICE, Lenny Letter, HP, Cambridge University, The Pool, The Atavist, Hohe Luft, EndPain, Root+Bone Magazine, Museum of Sound&Vision, AHD Paper Co., UAL Postgraduate Community/Scott King and SLAA

Ellis is currently making new work that will be shown at 36 Mountains illustration festival in Zagreb, Croatia in September. She just came back from a residency in Palermo with CCT-SeeCity and will present a project based on her visit later this summer.

Her work is on shown at the Anti Trump Art group show by Creative Debuts in Shoreditch and Ellis was happy to show and sell her work at the London Illustration Fair 2017. Last year she exhibited her series 'Zoological Land' at Thuyskamer in Amsterdam. She also had shows at De Branding and Coffee Company, both in Utrecht. Her work was included in the group shows GIF weekender at Volkshotel and De Invasie van Amsterdam.

She has been interviewed by:

Ellis has made a playlist for Various Artists and her work is regularly featured on Illustration Daily.

In april 2015 she took part in Fred Deakin's experimental educational initiative Collabology in Somerset House. January 2016 and March 2018 she was happy to be back - this time to help Fred out.

In September 2015 she graduated from the MA Graphic Design Communication course at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Before going to London she studied BA Illustration at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, from which she graduated in 2012 (with honours). During her time at the HKU she interned with Eskils Junker Film in Stockholm.



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